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how much of a water bill is a tenant supposed to pay? all of it?

we're on a property with 2 other houses (1 is the landlords) and were paying $75 every 3 months - normal, wrong?

We're pretty low water users.
Our water sint' metered so we don't pay for it (because it comes out of landlord downstairs bill)..

Depends on your tenancy agreement though.,.....

So everyone should be different, will be whatever you agreed to with your landlord....
sounds about right
i pay $48 for 6months

landlords pay waste water
tenant pay everything else
I pay nada Music
I've just got my first rates bill and it has the wastewater charges on it that I need to pay but it also says on it "Water rates will be separately invoiced twice yearly based on the consumption recorded by meter at $1.29 cents per 1000 litres". When that bill comes I guess I'll pass it on to the tenants cos if they use shitloads of water I don't want to pay for it! I guess check with your landlord as it's a usage thing like power or phone.
The law has changed recently. New tenants will be responsible for paying all of the water rates. This does not affect existing users.
its a standard clause in a residential tenancy agreement. The section that contains rental amount, term of rental etc also contains a provision for who pays the water rates. You either have to cross out 'tenant' or 'landlord'

Its usually about $250 per year for an average household so $75 for three months is about right.