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Three Taiwanese djs has came to Auckalnd , New Zealand to join 27 March ROCKIT dance party @ studio.
DJ CrazYman (TO SHOUT FOREVER Music Productions) - Trance
DJ @T (TO SHOUT FOREVER Music Productions) - Techno
DJ EnterStereo (Ravox Records) - Trance
But unforturally the bar of the venue were close too early. The party couldnt going to the end.
And the last all djs couldnt djing for every customer.

This promo mix set by DJ @T. Mixing a set to Instead he doesnt djing on that night.
Hope you will enjoy @T`s techno style.

Artist: DJ @T
Album Name: ROCKIT
Genre: Funky Hard Techno
Release date: 27 Mar 2010

Listen Here:

1.Bananas - Gary Maguire
2.Bolaian Buyaka - Aitor Ronda(Reaky Remix)
3.Fantasy Nights - DJ Cristiao
4.Drums of Love - DJ Cristiao
5.Feelings - Peppelino and Fer BR(Reaky Remix)
6.Natillas Monster - David Moleon
7.Blackhwk - David Moleon
8.Sucolega - David Moleon
9.New Cpu - Bilro Barbosa(Du'Art Remix)
10.Escada - Bilro Barbosa(Du'Art Remix)
11.Rulebook - Sean Tyas (Bryan Kearney's Out The Window Remix)
12.Round the block - Vortechtral(Reaky Remix)
13.True Colors - Gary Maguire(Reaky Remix)
14.Break Em - Maniac Pervert(Insane Life Remix)
15.Vamp - A.Paul(Victor Martin Remix)
16.Deal or no deal - Dorian Hunter Thomas Gree

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