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Hey guys,
Its not Simon, its Justin. I forgot my password and biggie cant give me a new one ???????????

Anyways here is a link to a Berlin radio/internet station that will be playing a recorded mix of mine that i did for them as an exclusive.

Playing Saturday at 20:00 and Sunday at 10:00am (German time)tune on in and enjoy


beesting said:
Playing Saturday at 20:00 and Sunday at 10:00am (German time)tune on in and enjoy

so according to timeanddate.com that is 6 AM Sunday and 8 PM Sunday in NZ current time.
sounding good!
was dope! any chance of a download?
Now it's the real Beeston!!

New Mix from me too.


01 Simon Beeston – White Tendrils – Nordik Net
02 Prompt – The Gull – Highgrade
03 Jori Hulkkonen – Man From Earth (Alex Walsh + Alex Jones Remix) – Turbo
04 Dimitri Andreas – Snickerz (Nima Gorji Remix) – Systematic... See More
05 Wareika – Burnin – Tartelet
06 Jay Shepheard – Double M’s Finest – Dirt Crew
07 Tolgo Baklacioglu – Lovin (Dana Ruh Remix) – Lebensfreude
08 Simon Beeston – Horn Fed – Highgrade
09 Simon Beeston – We Want Words – Unsigned
10 Dale + Daniel Dreier – Mutanga – Highgrade
11 Matthias Kaden – Mascieta (Affkt Remix) – Vakant
12 Livio + Roby – Tuxedo Band – Fumakilla
13 Retrac – What About You – Indigo Raw

Couple of the same tracks as The Nabbs mix, can't keep anything secret from that boy!! haha Wink
Simon again!

Here is another mix, recorded live from my set at the Sweatlodge party in Berlin.
Has a bit of a buzz running through it, but still totally listenable.


Was a warm up set so its kinda deep Smile Quarion takes over at 01.51 with some disco!
i got the buzz
sweet tunes to be had here.

Yup my mix will be going up on soundcloud in a week or so, will drop in and post up the link when its up

Very Happy