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This is giving me so much grief its not funny:

Basically I would like to setup specialised midi control settings for each vsti I use within cubase. In lamens terms I want all my vstis to be able to be controlled with my evolution mk249c keyboard (specifically the rotary knobs) and have them all runnin gon the same midi channel so i dont have to keep changing my channel number as a i move between each vsti.

This sounds basic enough I know but now for the problems.
Im not going to grumble about the lack of midi learn capabilities with cubase as that has had rants all over the interweb for longer than i can remember.

What is happening is this: I use the generic remote settings under device setup in cubase. I go through and input my midi controller and proceed to add my first vsti settings for say my arturia minimoog v vsti (v1.5 or thereabouts). I assign my 12 rotary knobs to things like oscillator frequency and LFO settings etc. This works fine.

Then when I begin to load up another vsti in the generic remote settings (say imposcar for arguments sake, it doesnt really matter which one) i go through and assign the correct channels (using the same midi channels and addresses as per the minimoog) the problem begins.

I cant seem to toggle between vsti windows and programme them with my assigned midi controller. One works the other doesnt. I assign them, cue them for recording, everything i can think of and only one will work. It seems like a major glitch as im sure cubase can work by sending midi data to only record armed vstis (or so ive been lead to believe). Surely i dont have to have a different channel for each vsti do I (that would mean i cold only use 16 vstis with my controller as thats all the channels that are available with my little evo keyboard.

Then to top it all off when i restart cubase after exporting my xml controller settings file the settings either are not saved or if they are the initial vsti that was originally working (in this case the mini moog) doesnt operate with the midi signals I send it. After messing around with it it sometimes randomly starts to work again but generally it doesnt. It is receiving the midi signals as i can see the red midi receive light blinking, and when i record midi data into the sequencer the midi data is recorded onto the sequencer page (so it is getting through).

What am I doing wrong. Ive been stuck on this problem now all weekend and for the first time cannot find a fix anywhere for this. On top of this I have seen countless other people on a variety of forums with the same problem too.

Please Please Please if someone could help me I would be eternally grateful. there are other minor bugs with the GR that i have found also but really just being able to set up multiple vsti control would make the others seem insignificant.

Also if anyone could tell me how to clear the pre assigned midi details for vstis as well that would be great (I think some of my problems may be that the midi number i send is not the one the vsti wants to receive to change whatever parameter I want it to).

Oh and before anyone tells me the glorious RTFM call, ive already done that twice. Its not there. =)

Thanks in advance
Before we go to much further... please enter in your Cubase Dongle Number for validation.. Razz Wink

So, what you are asking, is for the software to recognize what VST is at the front of the page and assign midi control to it?

Doesnt the new Novation system do that? I believe it has another piece of software running to monitor it.

The other option, would be to use preset on the Keyboard - preset one for some, preset two for something else...

It would sort having to reassing things each time.

Erm, yes - Cubase can solo midi depending what editior you have open - so you would need to assign and open the appropiate piano roll editor for this to work - I believe its also an option in the preferences that needs to be ticked.

I have noticed, over the years, that Cubase will occaionally drop 'remembered' settings - so I always reccomend exporting maps and device settings into a folder, just incase - saves you having to reenter everything.

This isnt really a basic thing, as such - and in regards to the midi 'learn' - thats as much of a individual VST issue as it is Cubase - some do, some dont.

Format has been messing with the Novation system - maybe he can chip in with how he is finding it?
What i really meant was just being able to assign my preferred controls for each vsti in the same midi channel and just have cubase realise which settings to use as per which vsti I was working on.

Funny that you want to know my dongle code as much as those steinberg forum mods proof heheh For privacy reasons ill keep that info to myself Very Happy

I was at the rockshop today perusing their wares, saw the behringer ones (faders and pot versions) though behringer are still the same crappy build quality they were when I was in the market for dj gear 10 years ago... Not sure if they are any good, mind you they really just send midi data so i suppose apart from fader quality they will all be much of a muchness. But the rockshop is overpriced, same ones on trade me were at least $100 cheaper...

But yeah that one your talking about (novation i think) does have specific presets and learn functions for cubase, ableton, logic and reason or so it claims, although the rockshop dood said he hadnt really had much time with it to see how good it actually was.

Im pretty much over the whole midi thing, last night i was just about ready to start learning a new sequencer, today im almost resigned to just use my mouse until someone can confirm if there is any really good midi controllers that work intuitively with cubase. I just want some hands on dammit, im so sick of my mouse hahahahah i REALLY FEEL THE NEED TO GO LOOKING FOR A HARDWARE SYNTH. Shame my bank acocunt doesnt agree.

Cheers as always for the advice proof, any other thoughts would be most welcome.
I've got a similar problem with one of those behringer control surfaces (BCR200). I wanted to do the same thing.. i.e. have knobs assigned for each type of VST and have cubase know what vst is selected and control only that instance.

What I found is that the cubase generic remote likes to be set up for a fixed workspace. So you need to tell it what knob/slider/button does what for each instance of a VST. So if you have 5 VST's you want to control, and would run a maximum of 5 of any one of them, thats 25 presets you'd need to set, on top of that you'd need to remember which number instance of the VST you're wanting to control. I also noticed that the generic remote settings wouldn't take effect when closing/re-opening cubase...I needed to open the generic remote panel and click apply everytime I restarted it.

I only spent a couple of days playing with, it may still be possible. There may also be some third party programs out threre that will provide an intellegent interface between your controller and cubase...I believe theres one that emulates makie control on a BCR2000.
My BCR is set up to emulate Mackie Control - that and the huskervu program, patched in with MidiOx, does an alright job. Not quite like my old Houston, but, ah well...

Like I have already mentioned - check out the Novation.
Tony B that is exactly what im talking about!!! I had so much trouble describing the problem ahahah, and i get that having to update the generic remote thing every time i reopen cubase! Im glad its not some glitch just with my setup at least ahah. Have you just given up or do you just go through the motions of applying each vsti every time you open cubase? Wonder if there is a bug fix/workaround for it? Not sure how to google the problem as its quite large to describe...

Do you have all your vstis controlled on the one midi channel or on different ones?

Proof, i have a funny feeling that the novation will still not be able to fix this problem as it seems to occur on all controllers and cubase sx as well as on cubase 4 so the other forums reckon at any rate. Although you certainly have more experience in this field than myself.

Is there anyone out there that has tried the novation and can confirm that it works for multiple vsti instances on cubase sx or above? If so speak up.
Also as i said earlier i had a play with the movation but i really want bigger faders and more rotaries than it supplies, although those drum pads may save me from buyind an mpd (there i go dreaming of larger bank accounts again) Mr. Green
Ah... your stuffed.

So, can I sell you an Andromedia?

wiki states: Andromedia (Japanese name: Andoromedia) is a 1998 Japanese movie directed by Takashi Miike

I quite like Takashi Miike but some of his films are a bit intense for local censors (eg Visitor Q).

Not sure that will help me with assigning midi controls with sx though proof.

Help me out a bit here... Confused
Sorry - drop the 'i'

generic remote blows monkey's balls! Monkey

so while we are on the topic;

I have a midi controller that is old enough to have no rotary knobs, so I am routing the midi through my roland handsonic and using the rotarys on there to control any selected parameter in NI massive, you just right click and select midi learn, however I cannot figure out how to do the same in my other soft synths, i.e v-station, albino etc, maybe its just a function I haven't learnt in logic yet?

I've got the Novation controller and it works perfectly, as soon as you launch any vst on screen the keyboard automaps all the controls to the keyboard. All you need to do is have a look where the control you want is, it does tend to map things like vcf to the same knobs and sliders so your always in the ballpark. You can also setup your own maps but then it add an extra twist of a knob to get to the correct template.
Works fine with the cubase mixer channels too although there are some limitations.
The novation uses an automap application which creates an extra copy of your vst's .dll to use in cubase. It works with effects too.
Never had too much luck gettin this to work just using generic remote and other controllers with vst's. Hardwares fine cos you just use mixermaps. Check it out at the rockshop, just dont buy 1 from there, you can get em for about half price delivered from novamusik in the states, just buy a local psu and your away.
so what your saying format is that the auto map function for the novation is a big step up in terms of assignment of specific midi channels for different vstis and effects? That is really good to hear, think thats what im gonna have to invest in, wish they had a bigger version though with more rotaries, you would only be able to assign the key rotaries with the novation, shame really as I think a bigger brother with larger faders and more rotaries would probably sell more...

The second dll thing is such a good idea, so every time you load up a vsti with novation connected to cubase it loads the modified dll (that you have pre mapped) instead of the standard one? Do you have to do some sort of a save to get this to save the settings?

Cheers man the info looks promising Very Happy
Dont think you need more rotaries as there are layer buttons on the side which change the assignment of each rotary so you hit the layer button to move the rotary to its next assigned function, if you know what I mean??
Plus youve only got 2 hands, how much shit can you twist at the same time, although all access is always good.
The templates are saved in the novation keyboard, all the modified .dll does is tell the keyboard which vst you are using on screen so it can switch the templates automatically for you, once its saved in the novation thats it.
There's a bit of editing to do but not anywhere nearly as much as fukin about with generic remotes and mixer maps etc.
Its not as seamless in cubase as it is in ableton but SO much easier than any other solution I've used over the last **cough*** 16years of using cubase. Thanks god the days of sysex dumps are over for me!!!
well man i think you have just sold me the novation ahah
have to start saving some dough now, cheers for all the help this thread has been most helpful guys. Music