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hmm....remember him on 2ZB back in the day
before FM?

He had a gay old time....
NZ's radio version of Sooty and Sweep
I remember buzz o'bumble..... and his nasty side kick wally weta! hahaha
wasn't his 'owner' busted for impersonating a
dectective and checking out young girls'
birthmarks on petone foreshore?

Or something like that?
well... wouldnt know about that! Being only something like 7 at the time.....

Who was the owner? And what was the guys name with the radio show? Lindsey Yeo or something.......???
Yeah, Yeo Emz - what a memory you have (all
things considered!!!)
davidc! i've missed you!

and i miss buzz o'bumble... not wally weta, he scared the bejesus out of me...

who were the characters with chic littlewood? before he was on shortland st?
Hi storie, how are ypou old bean? I been too
busty at work to come here often. Is that mean
southerly still blasting up Victoria street today?
PS: who/what/where was chic little woody?
damn, looked on internet... no sign of it.

chic littlewood was an actor... who had these little mice type characters in kilts... i had the 45 of one of their songs or something when i was young!

i been good! victoria st? hmm... that is curious... cos i
a) work on victoria st
b) live in mt victoria
c) my name is victoria - and i don't know which you are referring to!!! thought you wouldn't have known any of them!!!
oh... and i went to victoria university... curiouser and curiouser...
Uh oh, I was at stooges at the top o' victoria
street - this morning - outside havin' a smoke
and I had a chat with someone who walked past
all wrapped up and cold and her name was Tory
and she sort of recognised me and i just
assumed it was you. Farrrk... it obviously wasn't
which explanins a few things about the
Unless it was you and you are winding me up?
But if it wassn't, then who was it.
This is one thickening plot.
hmm... that is strange... not me at all! i have a doppelganger!

and promise i'm not winding you up... i i talked to anyone on my walk this morning!!!
maybe she was a ghostly duplicate of a living
person then?
Baz 'o' Bumble Wink


Oh well I guess you had to be there Smile
Wow...... I remember on my 5th birthday Buzz O' Bumble read out my name on the radio..... made you feel pretty special back then.

Buzz O' Bumble
Buzz O' Bumble
Buzz O' Bumble Bee!!!!
I won a record off Buzz O' Bumble one time with my dad for a father/ daughter singing contest >> I think I was about 4yrs old!
play that record backwards and you'll hear Ozzie
osbourne reading the lords prayer.
Haaaaa Chic Littlewood's mouse was called Willie McNab Smile

I think there was a dog too......
My girlfriend and her 2 sisters are the voices in the buzz o bumble theme song.

Her dad used to be a copywrite for Radio NZ and they he was asked to write and record the song.

Loose huh?

I also got my birthday read out on the buzz o bumble show when I was 6 - one of the best days of my life! I got a transformer!
I have the words Buzz O Bumble in my head now, except to the tune of Bob the Builder.

Thanks guys! aaaargh.

"Buuuuuzz a Bumble, CAN WE FIX IT? Buuuuuuzz a Bumble YES WE CAN"
And then there was Basil Brush... BOOM BOOM!!

Does anyone remember that??They used to make a picture at the end of the show using cards or something...

Soooo funny when your 6!!
Yep and the Magic Roundabout!!!! I loved that! (Must have been a sign of things to come!)
Oops, I think I put ya all wrong.

I dont think Willie McNab did hangout with Chic Littlewood at All - I think Chic hung with Mousey and Nousey.

Willie McNab hungout with an older woman

Farked if I know....

Now what about the "Tomorrow People", now that was cool Wink
Nah HuckeryMongrels, I'm sure Willy WAS with Chic, and a dog called ....something. A sort of beige coloured flat kind of dog with its tongue hanging out.

My friend and I nearly went mad one day trying to remember how we knew this guy called Willy McNab, coz I thought it was a guy we went to school with and my friend goes "that's not his name" and it turned out this guy was called Willy Mc-Something-Else (whatever).

And then we were like "well who the fuck is Willy McNab then?"

Then someone else told us, thank god.
useless piece of information... but........

Lindsey Yeo has been my neighbour for the past 4 years!! He has recently moved to Nelson..... Smile

He is really funny! Has been a cool neighbour Smile
hehe i wwent to the buzzo bumble concert *blushes* i was like 6 totally loved it hehehe
How bout this...

My friends Dad thought it would be real funny if Buzz O Bumble and Lindsay Yeo turned up at her 21st....

It didn't eventuate as Lindsay had an "emergency" at the last minute.

We have yet to decide if it was a blessing, or if it would have been really funny.

We were all pretty trashed... I'm guessin we would have laughed our ASSES off... And given her shit forever!

I went to see the Live Muppet Show when I was about 4...it rocked....SuperGonzo came flying across the stage on a wire
chic and little willy on......

chic and little willy on....

chic and little willy on.... chic chat.....

for retro kids t.v however folks one just cant go past that awesome foursome.... geoffrey, bungle .zippy and.....geeeeoooorrrrge.

paint the whole world with a rainbow....

bless them and their abba wannbe backing band.
Dunno if you lot have seen this, its being doin the e-mail rounds recently Smile

This is almost too ridiculous to believe... This is taken from an original Rainbow script and there's no way this could have been done by accident.
Innuendo all the way:
Script Run (all internal studio)
The scene opens with Zippy peeling a banana.....
Zippy: " One skin, two skin, three skin, four - "
George [interrupting Zippy mid-count]: " Zippy, where is Bungle?"
Zippy: "I think Geoffrey is trying to get him up"
We see a view of the door and hear Bungle moaning from behind it.
Bungle: "Geoffrey, I can't get it in"
Geoffrey: "You managed it last night"
Bungle: "I know, lets try it round the Other way. Ooooooh, I've got it in"
Bungle and Geoffrey enter the studio with Bungle carrying a hammer and peg kit
Bungle: " Would you stick this on the shelf, George"
George: " I can't reach, you'll have to stick it up yourself, Bungle."
Geoffrey (to camera) " Hello everyone, today we are talking about playing"
Bungle: " Playing with each other, Geoffrey?"
Geoffrey:" Yes Bungle, do you have a special friend that you like to play with?"
George:" Yesterday we played with each other's balls. Are we going to play with our friend's balls today?
Bungle: " Yes, and we can play with our twangers as well."
Geoffrey (to camera) Have you seen Bungles twanger?
Zippy:" Oh I have, I showed him how to pluck with it."
Bungle: " It's my plucking instrument."
Geoffrey asks the audience if they can pluck like Bungle
Zippy:" I can, I'm the best plucker here."
George;" And I'm good at banging. My peg's hard isn't it Zippy?
Zippy:" Well of course it is, Your peg wouldn't go in if it was soft."
Geoffrey;" Let's get back to Bungle's twanger."
Bungle (excited) " Oooooh Geoffrey, we could all play with our twangers couldn't we? Let's play the plucking song. Rod and Roger can get their
instruments out and Jane has got two lovely Maracas."
Singers Rod, Freddy and Jane enter.
Freddy:" We could hear you all banging away"
Rod: " Banging can be fun."
Jane:" Ooooh yes, and I was banging away all last night with Rod and Freddy."
Freddy ( looking sad ) "Yes, but it broke my plucking instrument."
Rod ( to Jane ) "Do you want to blow on my pipe while I'm twanging away?"
Jane: " Oh no, I was banging away with Freddy last night. But would you like to play with my maracas?
Zippy; " No, let's just pluck away with our twangers."
George:" Yes, it doesn't matter what size our twanger is."
Zippy;" I've got a big red one."
George: " I've only got a tiny twanger. But it works well and I like to play with it."
Geoffrey (to viewers) "Well, have you got your twangers out? And remember, you can bang your balls at the same time. If you haven't got any,
ask a friend if you can play with his. Now,let's all play the plucking song."
Everyone in studio: " Pluck, pluck, pluck along, we're going to pluck all day."


LOL. Well it all went straight over my head when I was a kid that's for sure. I always thought they were a bit of a bunch of prats though, even then.

Zippy sounds the same as the scarecrow on Bob the Builder. I wonder if its the same guy.
Thats so funny definetly would of gone over my head they were definetly the funniest thing around in my day a bit better than playschool even. I loved bungle and zippy was just to stupid for me.
did any one have the buzz o bumble album....
sucj classics as we're all going to the zoo tomorrow... the old lady who swallowed the fly... mornigntown ride and that eternal classic at the end of side one.... tun the record over.. turn the record over..turn the record over ( ad lib to fade)

all this preprogrammed electronis disco pop means we just don't see cuts like this anymore..

I've got Basil Brush on vinyl Smile
I've got the wombles on vinyl....

"remember your a womble, remember your a womble"

Ive got absil brush on vinyl too!

The one with him in a car on the front!

He rescues a bear from the circus that lost his way home.

Nice one.
I've got the wombles on vinyl too and the amercan tail soundtrack

...somewhere out there beneath the pale moonlight....
Underground, overground, Wombling Freeeee
The Wombles of Wimbledon Common are weeee
Making good use of the things that we fiiiind
Things that the everyday folks leave behind.

When I was a kid I thought they were saying "The Wombles of Wimbledon, common are we" meaning there were heaps of them all over the place, not that they were from Wimbledon Common.

I had an Orinoco schoolbag and wombles wallpaper and a wombles bedspread. Guess you could say I was a big fan!!
I liked Great Uncle Bulgaria