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I've been playing around on ableton live 8 (studio demo) for a while now but cant really find how to do anything more than make a basic as sounding drum kick haha. Am looking at getting the full version when I get my macbook pro but am wondering other peoples opinions, is there something easier I should start out on first, or better off jumping in the deep end and learning that way...?

Also, anyone familiar with this software and willing to give some lessons or know of online / downloadable videos, other items I should use or get? anything to help me out.

Really wanting to make some House... electro, techno, trance music etc.

Ableton live is not the easiest to start on, as the name suggests it's geared towards live performance and has many features.
I highly recommend Reaper. I mostly make Electronic/house and have found it awesome to work with. It's very cheap and you can download the full version of the program and pay latter.


If you have never been in a studio environment before, may I suggest Reason? It's really easy to learn, and you will learn how studio gear etc works just by using it. Has all the bits you need, and I think you can even record in to it now.
After you've got your head around that then move on to Cubase or Logic or Pro Tools if you are that way inclined.