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The power of collective purchasing comes to NZ and brings big savings. Tomorrow Aucklanders will be given a rare opportunity to buy movie tickets at the same price they were more than 25 years ago.

To mark the launch of www.GrabOne.co.nz the daily deal website, the initial offer is a $4 ticket to any Auckland Event Cinemas movie with no conditions attached.

GrabOne is a deal-a-day website offering services such as entertainment, beauty therapy, restaurants, bars, and experiences at hugely reduced discounts of up to 90%, through the power of collective purchasing.
Each deal will be made available to the public for 24 hours and in order for the deal to activate at the discounted price a minimum number of people must confirm their willingness to buy. Once the deal has activated the transaction is processed and a downloadable coupon is emailed to the member.

Shane Bradley founder of GrabOne and mastermind of other sites such as Finda.co.nz and Sella.co.nz says that GrabOne is the perfect combination for both the bargain hunting consumer and participating business.
“GrabOne is a simple way to get huge discounts in your city whether it is a meal or a movie, a bungy jump or a spa treatment. It will give everyone the opportunity to try different activities that price may have deterred them from in the past.

“Not only is the site a perfect platform for businesses to drive trade and build their customer base but it will increase awareness of their product and brand. We already have the first six weeks of daily bargains lined up from businesses who are eager to be onboard,” says Bradley.

The team at GrabOne has built a substantial database who will receive daily alerts of the current offer. The site is based on users interacting through social media such as Facebook, Twitter and email to promote the deals to their friends, family and work colleagues.
“Because there are so many GrabOne members (‘Grabbies’ as they have been affectionately coined) communicating and encouraging each other to buy, the company offering the deal gets a viral advertising campaign of their own.”

The concept originated from an American site Groupon which launched in 2008 and to date has saved its members over $291 million and is just about to make its 7 millionth trade. Groupon launched in Chicago and is now in over 90 cities across the globe, the waitlist for businesses wanting to offer a deal is over four months.

Shane is positive that his Kiwi version GrabOne will create some of the great stories that have been seen in America.
“A New York Bagel store served over ten thousand people in a day and in Chicago the Art Institute Museum grew its 130-year-old membership by 4,913 new members in just a single day. 95 per cent of businesses surveyed who have experienced trading wanted to be featured again.”

GrabOne launches in Auckland on the 8th July and will be rolled out to other main centres and regional areas across the country with Wellington and Christchurch already in the pipeline to go live within two months.
To experience GrabOne, watch the video and the trading unfold visit www.grabone.co.nz